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SOUNO helps users de-stress themselves using sound & music therapy. It aims at collecting harmonic sounds around you, like the birds chirping or a whistling person, and then creating generative therapeutic sound. It also beams out harmonious lights complimentary with music. Also the chaos that it records is turned into sound therapy therefore "making your chaos calmer".





4 WEEKS  -  2022



~ A way of life


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India has a major problem of noise pollution. A lack of administrative will to tackle noise pollution is evident as the incessant honking & the use of loudspeakers are a common occurrence during elections, festivals etc.

Numerous studies have revealed the effect noise has on the health of humans as well as the impact of noise pollution on animals.

In 2017, a Worldwide Hearing Index ranked Delhi as the second-noisiest city in the world (the first being Guangzhou), followed by Cairo and Mumbai.

"Can we use these noises of daily lives and help users to retain some mental balance?"

Design Process

Let's look into various therapies

Music therapy is a relatively new discipline, while sound therapy is based on ancient Tibetan cultural practices.

Sound Therapy

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  • Sound Therapy uses tools to achieve specific sound frequencies

  • These specific frequencies and harmonics to heal body.

  • A practitioner uses a variety of instruments to create relaxing sounds to place the client in an altered state of consciousness for relaxation and meditation.

  • It involves working on all energetic and physical levels of the mind and body to clear energy blockages and balance energy flow for stress reduction

Music Therapy

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  • Music therapy focuses on addressing symptoms like stress and pain.

  • Music therapy involves creating music, or listening or responding to music.

  • It uses various vocal exercises, natural sounds, and breathing techniques to connect with your emotions and impulses.

  • This practice is meant to create a deeper sense of connection with yourself.

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