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About Me

Namaste! I am Deeksha, an experienced UI/UX designer, dedicated to crafting user-centric digital experiences. Currently, I'm serving as a Senior Interaction Designer Consultant at Baker Hughes via EPAM (my parent company), where I led the redesign of the WellLink Data Service, managed the entire design process, and integrated an internal drilling suite with a third party application.

Previously, as a Design Intern at Microsoft, I contributed to an individual research-based project on family sharing evolution, alongside collaborating with professionals in the Windows and Devices team. I've also played pivotal roles at startups like PocketFM,, Pocket52, and, making significant contributions to product development and user experience enhancements.

In addition, I have a ton of group and solo projects in a variety of other disciplines, like education, working from home, news, etc. I've always enjoyed finding creative solutions to issues using both novel and approachable methods of thinking.

My journey is defined by a strong foundation in user and market research, a passion for innovation, and a commitment to delivering impactful designs. I am eager to bring my skills to new challenges and projects, and I look forward to discussing how I can contribute to your team.

In my free time, I enjoy sketching and some amateur photography. A few of them are showcased below.

Inktober 2021

Group 196.png

My Photography

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